We at BEC pride ourselves in achieving the targets set by our customers. Tightly toleranced plastic components are a specialised  commodity. We meet and exceed these specifications because of our familiarity with the engineering plastics range. 

The following principles are applied throughout the company:

  • Full commitment of all personnel to get it right first time, every time.

  • Full commitment of all staff to accurately assess, communicate, and fulfil customer requirements through all points of the product realization processes.

  • Full commitment of senior management to develop the resources within BEC Plastics.

  • We aim to provide a comprehensive, responsive service to our customers.


A company wide Quality System is in operation which is designed to comply with the requirements of BS/EN/ISO9001.

A detailed inspection procedure guarantees compliance to customer drawings.

The ethos of BEC Plastics is to react when necessary to demanding customer requirements. The processes within the company are controlled according to our Quality Manual System which in turn complies with the requirements of ISO9001. 

QA Certificate

BEC are externally assessed on an annual basis by Independent European Certification of Lincolnshire, a UKAS Approved body. 

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Health & Safety

We at BEC value the well-being and safety of our employees and stakeholders. We take all possible measures to reduce the likelihood of accidents in the work environment.

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BEC Plastics work to reduce waste and recycle all raw materials and packaging. All of our materials comply with RoHS regulations.

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