PTFE features excellent chamical resistance, and operates over a very wide temperature range. The material is low friction, non-stick, and is non-flammable (UL94-V0 rated). PTFE has good electrical resistance. The material however has poor mechanical properties and dimensional stability. PTFE also has a high coefficient of thermal expansion, making it difficult to control to tight tolerances.


Primarily white, however colours are available. Food grade blue (subject to minimum order). Carbon Filled. Etched PTFE is chemically treated on one side and has a "dirty" finish.

Wear strips for heat tunnels, Food applications, Sliders (low friction), Chemical and high temperature applications, Seals, Gaskets, Liners

Range -260 to +250C.


Etched PTFE can be bonded to steel. Note: Low mechanical strength and dimensional stability. Glass filled grades have higher mechanical strength.

Rods from 4mm to 120mm (extruded). Moulded rods available in larger sizes. Custom moulded billets and tubes available. Sheets and films available from 0.1mm thick to 100mm thick. Larger on request.

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