Nylon is a tough material, with good overall mechanical properties. The material is resistant to oils and grease. Nylon has good wear properties and is very abrasion resistant. The material is available in a large range of sizes, and modified grades, including self lubricating options, and glass filled. Nylon can be bonded. The material features good electrical insulation, however these properties are affected by water absorption. Water absorption can be an issue, leading to swell.

PA6, PA66, PA6G Polyamide, Nylatron, Nylatron GSM, Nylatron NSM, Devlon, Tecamid, Sustamid

Available in a wide range of colours including Natural / Black / Blue / Red / Yellow / Green / Orange

Rollers, Sheave Wheels, Mounting plates, Pulleys, Bushes, Washers, Bearing housings, Bearing blocks, Cutting Boards, Wear Strips

Range -40C to +85C


Cast materials are available in a huge range of sizes without minimum production runs in most cases. Note: Moisture absorption (swell). Cast grade has low impact strength.

Nylon 6 extruded from 6mm dia to 200 dia. Larger diameters are usually cast. Cast rod from 40 dia up to 1000mm and specials also available. Extruded plate available in sheets 2m x 1m up to 6mm thick, and up to 40mm thick x 620 wide. Cast plate available in elevated thicknesses at 2000 x 1000mm, 2500 x 1250mm. Specially cast sheet, rods, and tubes are available in a huge range of sizes.

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